Kids should live in homes, not institutions.

We are working to deliver the TFCO evidence-based practice to support Michigan’s children and youth in the public mental health system.

Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO)

Treatment Foster Care Oregon (TFCO) is the evidence based practice we are using for Children’s Therapeutic Foster Care (CTFC). It uses CTFC Medicaid service as the structure for delivering clinical services.

What Is TFCO?

Children’s Therapeutic Foster Care (CTFC)

Children’s Therapeutic Foster Care (CTFC) is the Medicaid service offered through the Serious Emotional Disturbance Waiver (SEDW). It is a statewide service that does not require an evidence based practice.

What Is CTFC?

Michigan is implementing two TFCO models: TFCO-C for ages 7-11 and TFCO-A for ages 12-18. Youths are individually housed in highly trained TFCO Therapeutic Homes and are provided with intensive support and mental health treatment.


About TFCO Michigan

TFCO is the only intensive behavioral health treatment model that supports children and youth remaining in the community while also including a parallel parent/family intervention.

About TFCO Michigan


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